Accelerating the meaningful exchange of life-saving data

We build critical-path data pipelines for healthcare, technology, and life sciences companies.

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Health data, accelerated

Fragmented and siloed data systems are a critical bottleneck in health care. It frustrates clinicians, inconveniences and harms patients, slows life saving research and treatments, and wastes billions of dollars. Failure to share data and information kills patients as surely as failure to wash hands.

Superconductive Health is an AI-enabled data consulting firm. We are focused on connecting, migrating, and normalizing health care data systems using a blend of machine learning and human expertise. Our mission is to accelerate the meaningful exchange of life-saving data by a full order of magnitude.

What we do

Our specialty is connecting and automating data systems where information exchange happens at scale.

Behind the scenes, we are pioneering new ML/AI technology to dramatically improve the speed and quality of complex data integrations in healthcare.

The end result is dramatically faster, higher quality solutions for thorny data integration problems.

Health Care Pros

With decades of collective experience, we’re fluent in the language of health care and the details of health data.

Agile Data Pioneers

We have a track record of pushing the envelope in data engineering and data science, combining “fast and iterative,” with “stable and production-ready.”


Our team is well-versed in building data-driven products, seamlessly weaving machine learning and AI into workflow.

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Guaranteed clean, valid data.
Right from the source.

Data Valet is a self-service data validation portal. Your data providers upload spreadsheets and get immediate, helpful feedback to clean their data.

Data Valet

Case Studies

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Blog Posts

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Industry Experience


• Risk-bearing providers and pop health
• Clinical study sponsors and CROs
• Health analytics
• Digital health and startups
• Sponsors and CROs


• ETL, data mapping and normalization
• Automation and integration
• Reporting and analytics
• Data integrity as a service
• Predictive analytics, machine learning

Sources and standards

• Claims, Eligibility, Demographics
• CDISC, Transcelerate XML
• ...and many, many, more.

Clients, Partners, and Presentations


People are at the heart of Superconductive Health. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

The team is a rare blend of two crucial skill sets:

1. Expansive knowledge of health care and life science data.

2. Expertise in best practice for modern data engineering.

We’re passionate about using these skills to improve health care and life sciences.

Abe Gong

Entrepreneurship and data. Previously: Aspire Health, Stack Labs, Jawbone, Massive Health. PhD in public policy and complex systems.

Jacob Alcauskas

Operations, Client Engagements, and Engineering. Previously: oncology strategy, analytics, and technology; CTO of Kinsail (acquired ’14); US NRL

Eugene Mandel

Product. Making Data Science and Machine Learning into real products. Previously: Data Science lead @Directly, Data Science team @Jawbone, CTO/co-founder @Qualaroo, co-founder @Jaxtr

Ben Castleton

Client Engagements, ETL and BI. Previously: Health Catalyst, Partners Healthcare, PwC. ACO and Value-based Population Health initiatives.

Rob Lim

Full-Stack Web Development, Engineering. Previously: Castlight Health, DoctorBase, Kairoi Health. BA in Molecular Biology.

Max Gasner

Engineering leadership and machine learning. Previously: Bee, One Financial, Salesforce, Prior Knowledge, Navia Systems. Artisan knitting.

Taylor Miller

Data Science & Data Engineering. Previously: Health Catalyst, TaskEasy, University Pharmacy. PharmD. Hardware hacker.

Andrew Rosenthal

Partnerships and commercial strategy. Digital health and data products including Jawbone, Medibio, Mio, Uber. Harvard MBA & Univ of Penn.

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We draw on deep leadership experience from data-first health tech companies, like Aspire Health, Health Catalyst, and Jawbone. We look for opportunities to weave software, data, and algorithms into everything we do. The end result is a dramatically different way of approaching data engineering in health care, technology, and life sciences companies.

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